project-1_rtaDegotardi, Smith and Partners have undertaken “Culvert Inventory Data Collection” on a large, and ever increasing, amount of Culverts for the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)

The RTA has introduced an improved framework for the long term management of Culverts across the RTA road network. The framework consists of:

  • A Guideline for consistent collection of inventory and initial risk assessment
  • A training accreditation program for culvert inspectors, including confined spaces awareness, prior to collection of culvert inventory data
  • A Guideline for detailed risk assessment of culverts if an assessment is required
  • A Training program for detailed risk assessment of culverts
  • A central data base of all culvert locations’ and condition data, developed as a component of the Road Asset Management System (RAMS)

The first stage of the process is to systematically find and collect culverts. The RTA requires an understanding of the following

  • The number, location and type
  • The condition of the culvert and its surrounding embankment

The second stage comprises a formal risk assessment

The RTA definition of a culvert is: Any Pipe, Box or Arch that allows the flow of water or something else under the roadway. This includes Culverts designed to allow pedestrian, cycle, or vehicular thoughfare.

Degotardi Smith & Partners has developed innovative techniques and software processing tools to systematically collect, process and format the large amounts of data collected.